Our Story

Hi, I’m Meredith,

and I’ve struggled with disordered eating for half my life. My eating disorder started at the crux of puberty when I was a vulnerable and insecure young girl. It took me twelve years to seek formal treatment, and when I did, I discovered the power of affirmations.

Letter-writing became a critical part of my recovery when I was in residential treatment in California. As I move forward in my recovery journey, affirmations continue to be my cornerstone.

It can be yours too.

In December of 2019, united by pancakes, coffee, and Saturday Night Live, my friends (and most powerful support system) joined me in launching The Recovery Project. Together, as a group of strong young women, we’re writing letters of encouragement, affirmation, and support to my friends in eating disorder recovery across the country.

Meet the girls


My beautiful, best friend and development partner in this project. Margaret was one of the first people I told about my eating disorder, and she’s been there every step of the way.


A rockstar at fundraising and my beloved roommate. Ellie is excited to add a cheery touch to her notes and can’t wait to send letters your way.


The artist of the bunch and another beloved roommate of mine. Adrienne has her markers and crafts ready to go. Add a name so she can get started!


Part-time emotional support cat, part-time love of my (and Ellie and Adrienne’s) life. Uma sends love in each letter, and sweetly kisses each one before it sends off.

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